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About Us

About SriSai

About Sri Sai Prasanna Society

Not a leaf moves sans my command – is one the commandments of SAI Maharaj!

Who is SAI? What is the philosophy behind HIS Life & Teachings?

HIS command created a quest in us & it is this quest that transformed into a DREAM!

The Dream is SAI TV..

The Vision is Exclusive Satellite TV Channel on Life & Teachings of Sainath Maharaj!

Thus  We‘ve a dream, we‘ve a vision, & we‘ve Technical Expertise too…..!

In addition we’ve HIS Command!!! We made a Spiritual society named Sri Sai Prasanna Society(Reg No:447/2013)to launch a exclusive Satellite Channel for Maharaj!

The purpose of this Channel is SAI

The Objective of this Channel is SAI

The Creator of this is SAI…!

The Motivator is SAI…!

The Guide is SAI…!

The philosopher is SAI…! & The Chairman is SAI, none else!

We know it is an uphill task…..!

But we remember SAI’s command!

There are many ways leading there; there is one way from here also. The way is very difficult. There are tigers & wolves in the jungles on the way. If we take a guide there is no difficulty. The guide will take you straight to your destination, avoiding wolves, tigers & ditches etc on the way.     

                                                                         – Chapter III Sri Sai Satcharita.

His dictum is our Guide, His command is our light & His blessings are our assets!

Armed with SAI’s twin mantra ‘Shraddha & Saboori’,

we are sure, we would reach the goal at an earliest!